What Every Man Needs To Know About Women!

In a just few weeks starting on April 19, our church family will be embarking on a 8 week journey walking through a teaching series called Guns & Roses: men, woman and our gender questions.

Guns & Roses

We plan to shed some light on these topics without bringing unnecessary heat to the issues we are all thinking about.

In preparation for the series, I recently finished reading an excellent book on God’s divine design for woman called “Fashioned to Reign” by Kris Vallotton.

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I pulled out a few key quotes that I think will help stimulate some deeper thinking on the issue of God’s design for men and women. This is far from an exhaustive list but just some of the thought provoking statements that stuck out to me in my reading:


      • “He is in charge of cultivating his wife’s destiny and sacrificing to see her dreams come true.”
      •  “What makes us think that men were set free from the curse of the Law at the cross, but that woman should still be under the curse that allows husbands to dominate them in the name of God?”
      • “Headship is servanthood in motion. Headship is not about demanding husbands who reduce daughters of God to sex slaves or housemaids.”


      • “A strong woman is someone who is walking in her God-given identity, unaffected by the world’s image of the feminine role or the religious pressure to conform to some reduced version of herself.”
      •  “It is embarrassing that women in the world are more powerful than sisters in the Church…Let’s give the Mother Teresas of the future an opportunity to be as powerful in the Church as they are on the mission field.”


      • “The hand the rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world.” -William Ross Wallace

Talking about God's divine design for men and women is hugely important.

Whenever we don't know the original purpose for something...we end up abusing it in some way.

Myles Munroe said it so well, "When purpose is not known, abuse is inevitable." 

We somewhat jokingly say "Men are from Mars and Woman are from Venus" because we are often mystified by our differences. Make no mistake, God intentionally made men and women with huge distinctives. It's the only way a fuller picture of His nature could be reflected on the earth. We are all image bearers of a majestic God!

We are going to be talking about things that everyone is thinking about.

Culture is weighing in heavily on this conversation and we knew many of you would be wondering, "What do my pastors think about these issues?" "What does God's Word have to say about these widely debated topics?"

Meet Havilah Cunnington

Havilah CunningtonTo help us speak into this powerful topic we’ve invited Havilah Cunnington to come and join us.

Havilah is a loving wife, busy mother of four boys, a spiritual daughter to Kris Vallotton and a prophetic teacher with a voice that is having a huge influence in the Body of Christ and world around us.


Havilah will be with us Fri May 29- Sun May 31. We'll be hosting a special Friday night gathering called "Moral Revolution," a Saturday woman's event called "Bloom" and our weekend services.

Stay tuned. More details to come! 

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