Why Acceptance Is Not The Same As Approval.

Rarely, will I post anything on this blog of a political nature. This post is anything but a political rant. It's not even an attempt to be inspiringly patriotic. It's more of a prophetic prayer!

Honestly, most times I try as hard as possible to avoid being "lumped" together with religious groups or politically charged people who attempt to walk out their view of biblical values in a way that is very contrary to my own value system. This is especially true when it touches the area of the treatment people of a differing belief system.

In spite of all of my mixed emotions, I'd rather run the risk of being misunderstood or stereotyped, than passively stand by in silence on the topic of same-sex marriage.

Jesus told His followers (the Church) to be salt & light in our culture.


Salt preserves things from decay and light give guidance in dark times. That is exactly what Jesus empowered His followers to do in whatever culture, setting or generation they found themselves sovereignly placed in.

I'm so thankful that Jesus' command to be SALT & LIGHT within will never contradict His command to LOVE our neighbor.  

A mentor of mine taught me that there is always a temptation to want to say something "new" but the goal is to say something "true". Not everything we are hearing that is "trendy" is true. Especially, when it comes to sexual orientation.

Time is always on the side of truth.  

Over time, the truth of our actions will be shown for what they really are.

"Wisdom is proved right by her actions." -Matthew 11:19

That statement is made in the context of Jesus living out the truth of Who He was, while at the same time being a friend to sinners! He never viewed this tension as a moral conflict of interest. It was His assignment and remains the mission of every one of His followers.

Jesus a friend of sinners

Jesus went on to say, “I have come as a light to shine in this dark world, so that all who put their trust in me will no longer remain in the dark. I will not judge those who hear me but don’t obey me, for I have come to save the world and not to judge it. But all who reject me and my message will be judged on the day of judgment by the truth I have spoken.” (John 12:46-47)

May it be said of this generation of Christ followers that we were both valiant for truth AND compassionate lovers of all people.  

I wholeheartedly try to live my life in such a way that makes the statement, "Acceptance is not the same as approval."  

I am called to love and accept all people regardless of their sexual orientation or belief system. I gladly accept that responsibility. Jesus empowers His followers to live out that mandate in a way that is more loving and more wise than any political persuasion ever could!

Everyone of us has been created as an image-bearer of God.

Everyone of us is incredibly valuable. Valuable enough for Jesus to pay with His own life for our sins and to bring us back into relationship with God our Father.

So much more could be said on this topic. And much more has been said by brighter and more influential people. Yet, I still felt compelled to pass this along...

Friends, it time to PRAY for our leaders. 

Our Supreme Court is about to be making one of the most strategic decisions in decades.

US Supreme Court

What is up for grabs, on our watch, is the redefining of marriage and allowance of same-sex marriage in every state.

God’s standard we see in the Bible, as well as creational ordinances all around us are very clear on the unnaturalness and damage homosexuality can cause to any culture.

ANY sin will eventually give birth to death in our culture. As unpopular as it is to say right now, the sin of same-sex marriage is no different.

This landmark decision will impact our nation, children, and grandchildren for generations to come. Every person living within America has the right to choose their belief system and protect their God-given freedoms, including Christ followers.

Please take a moment to watch this insightful and timely video.  (the last 20 seconds are the most powerful)

Stand For Marriage


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