Clarity. Health. Movement.

“The divided heart tries what the undivided heart does.”

- Dr. Lance Wallnau

I love helping people find clarity, regain health and create movement.

Are you so frustrated that your personal growth goals are stalled out due to a lack of clarity and accountability?

Invite me into your world as your personal coach and I’ll help you gain the clarity, health and movement you’ve been dying to see.

Are you struggling to find the time to get your business idea off the ground but aren’t sure what to do next?

Success is sequential, not simultaneous. I’ve been there and know how to help you grow your influence, income and impact.

Are you in a vulnerable life transition and need help to fight through the paralyzing disorientation that season came bring?

I’ve been there and would love to help you pivot into your new chapter.

As your life coach, my job is to ask powerful questions and be a trusted guide on your journey. I give you a mirror to better see yourself and then you discover your road map.

“The glory of God is man fully alive.”

- St. Iraneus

My personal mission is to live a brilliant life that glorifies God and inspires people to reach their redemptive potential. Some people drift through life. Some live by default. And others live by design. Your brilliant life is waiting!

Here's what others are saying about me...

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“’Brilliant Lives’ is the pursuit of Joshua Finley’s heart for all the people around him. He promotes this ideal first by personally living a truly brilliant life himself. He and his family enjoy living life to the fullest.

“The church at large
experiences the heartfelt, challenging, relatable offer of a brilliant life
from a skilled communicator everywhere he speaks.”

Founder of Bridges Coaching


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“Joshua Finley is a dynamic speaker that is able to captivate and
connect with an audience in a way that leaves them wanting more. He is motivational, authentic, and relatable in his approach. His years of experience in speaking, leadership and leadership training allow him to not only communicate in a way that is easily understood but also allow him to take the more complex issues of personal growth and leadership development
and communicate them in a way that is easily applicable to anyone.”

Independent Consultant, John Maxwell Team Executive Director
and President’s Advisory Council Member