What Cape Cod, Prayer, And A Vision For Increase Have To Do With Each Other.

My mom grew up in a Portuguese family and community in Plymouth, Massachusetts (the place where the Pilgrims landed in 1620). Now thousands of people own a piece of Plymouth Rock that has been chipped away over the years!

plymouth rock

Growing up in that part of the country meant that when her family vacationed, they vacationed at “the Cape.” (for people not from New England “the Cape” means Cape Cod:)

Cape Cod beach

So naturally, I grew up loving the ocean. Going to the beach over summer break was something I looked forward to all year long. Now our kids look forward to it every year, which is really cool!

One of the downsides of going to the Cape is that there are only two main roads as options to get into town. The Sagamore & Bourne bridges are the two main roadways people can travel on to get across the 7 mile Cape Cod Canal.

If you don’t take those two pathways you don’t make it to your desired destination.

Cape Cod bridges

That’s not a problem for the person who is aware of this fact. But if I’m not willing to drive across bridges or don’t want to come to grips with the fact that there are only two primary travel routes, I have a real problem.

  • I could strategically plan and get time off from work.
  • I could wisely save lots of money to pay for this vacation trip.
  • I could pack all of our suitcases, fuel up our car, remember the camera, find some “pet sitters,” set our alarm clock early, wake up and hit the road with great expectation.only to realize that I can’t get where I’ve been planning to go unless I’m willing to cross over those bridges.

More than ever before, I’m realizing that PRAYER & FASTING are two key “bridges” that can lead me to my desired destination.

 The bridge called “Prayer” and the bridge called “Fasting” are what God often uses to help get us from here to there.

As a lead pastor, I need to make sure we “pack” strategic planning, team development, financial stewardship, fun, courageous collaboration, and efficient systems for the journey.

BUT…if we don’t take time to seek the heart and face of God, our packed bags aren’t going very far!

When I personally think back to coming out of certain seasons or being ushered into certain seasons of life and ministry, it was these two “bridges” that opened up the way.

  • Jesus traveled across these two travel routes when He went from a wilderness season to public ministry. (Luke 4)
  • Paul and Barnabas chose these trusted bridges before their first major missionary journey together. (Acts 13)

The more I depend on God in prayer & fasting, the more progress I see in moving towards desired destinations.

 Make no mistake, it’s NOT an “earning” thing, it's a “positioning” and "partnering" thing.

The “desired destination” this side of heaven is different for each of us.

For you it could look like…

  • A scholarship to the school you’ve always wanted to attend
  • A big promotion at your job
  • Access to a closed nation you feel called to reach
  • A friend coming to know Jesus they way you do
  • Greater clarity in your God-given assignment
  • A breakthrough in your marriage
  • A supernatural healing in your body
  • The turning of a significant leader’s heart
  • The ability to hear God’s voice more clearly
  • A change in the spiritual climate of your church
  • Supernatural traction with your health or financial goals

As we do our practical part, God will always do His supernatural part.

Our church family is in a season (March 15-April 3), leading up to Good Friday, of “sowing” in prayer and “watering” those prayers through fasting, but only God can bring the increase. (I Corinthians 3:6)

Thankfully, it's what He LOVES to do!

fasting increase image

If you’ve always thought that prayer & fasting was only for the “navy seal” Christian, think again. (I thought this way for years!)

These two “bridges” have all kinds of traffic flowing across them!

Prayer & fasting brings fresh perspective, increase and breakthrough.

 They may just help carry you into that new place you’ve desperately wanted to get to for some time.

If you’re thinking about packing your bags, hitting the road and trying this prayer & fasting thing out…here are a few resources to help you on your way.


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