An inside job

Enjoy this excerpt from a book I am reading by Kris Vallotton entitled "The Supernatural Ways of Royalty":

The mind has a power to affect our behavior either positive or negative. But it does not possess the power to change our nature. That alone is accomplished when we are born again. When people people are born again, they are transformed from the inside out. It is not the external things that are are likely to change first. God takes up residence in our hearts, transfroming us, as it really is an an inside job. On the other hand, religion works on the outside. While it can bring conformity, it is is powerless to bring transformation. (page 56)

Religion is all about how things look on the outside (form) but doesn't bring much transformation (power).
2 Timothy 3:5

Forget religiosity...let's keep helping one another experience Christ's transforming love!