Napoleon complex??

Growing up I always had the hope and expectation that I would keep getting taller. After all my dad is over six feet and I just thought at some point the genes would kick in. As I got older and still hadn't reached that six foot mark, I was told to not lose hope because girls will typically stop developing closer to 18 but guys can keep growing until 25:)...Well, here I am at age 28 and it's not looking like I'll ever get past 5'9"....

As much as I really wanted to be taller growing up, now it doesn't matter much to me because I realize that my height does not minimize my true stature. The world will say that those who are short and live there lives like they always have to prove something are living with a napoleon complex.

I think it's obsurd for any Christian to live with a spiritual Napoleon complex.

It's obsurd for us to try and prove anything to our enemy...especially considering that we are part of the Body of Christ. Our lives are actually hidden in Christ (Colossians 3:3). Jesus just happens to be larger than life and seated above all (Ephesians 1:22). And because our lives are hidden in Him, the lowest (the least) member in His Body is superior to the highest principality and power of the enemy.

Let's loose any napoleon complex we've been conned into living. Like the great revivalist Smith Wigglesworth we can say, "I am 1,000 times bigger on the inside!"