He's Just That In To You!

Recently I found myself watching a movie with my wife. It was one of those chick flicks that was worth watching and not a waste of my time simply because my beautiful wife, Anna, was in the room with me and because the Holy Spirit reminded me of a simple and yet continually revelatory truth...."He (God, my Father) is just that in to me!

The movie was all about this guy teaching a girl to read the signs that men give women when they are just not that into them. Reasons why their phones never ring, second dates never happen and their dreams of a fairy tale wedding will never materialize....at least with the guy who they are waiting days for him to call them back.

One of the main ideas of the movie was this: If someone is really into, really loves you, really wants to be with you....He will do whatever it takes to make that happen.

WOW!!! If that doesn't remind you of the Gospel of Jesus Christ I'm not sure what will. Even when I was far from God, blinded by my sin and selfish way of living, He came and gave it all to have relationship with me.

God is just that into us.

Into us enough to do whatever it takes to have relationship with us(I John 3:16) .
When it comes to Jesus, you never have to wonder how He really feels about you....just take a look at the price He willingly paid to pursue us.