Radical Focus

This week we wrapped up our Radical Series talking about what it means not to just consider yourself religious, moral, or even a Christian, but what it looks like to live the lifestyle of a Christ-follower. We looked at some pretty provoking ideas and the book we read through by David Platt was no easy read for sure.

Throughout the series we challenged one another to make practical plans to go along with our radical convictions. We encouraged each other to be involved in multiplying community, sacrificially giving our money for God's global purposes, serving in another context, reading through the entire Word of God, and praying for the entire world.

As a pastor, many times it is difficult to challenge your people (or yourself for that fact) at such a level because you know that many people already hook up the daily "kicking machine" and feel swallowed by guilt and self condemnation thinking they don't measure up. This is why it is imperative that each of us keeps coming back to the love of God.

The ONLY reason we even love Him or anyone else is because He first loved us.

The ONLY way that we can let this series be more than a "motivated moment" or a "convicting chapter" that easily fades away, is to remember that anything sustainably fruitful in our lives must be grace saturated and love motivated.

I've heard it said, "Successful people do daily what unsuccessful people do occasionally." In many ways that is so true. In this series context, the only way we can live radically is to have a regular radical focus; a focus on the incomparable love of God and the ever-empowering Gospel!

The answer to growing stronger and more radical in our Christianity is not found in fixing all of our weaknesses. We must not make "them" our focus but rather Him!

"Focusing on what we ought to do for God creates only frustration and exhaustion. Focusing on what Jesus has done for us produces abundant fruit. Resting in what Jesus has done for us releases the revolutionary power of the gospel." J.D. Greear

May you today embrace a radical focus that will naturally feed a radical lifestyle for the Son of God .

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