Radical Reverence

Many moons ago when people used to actually go to the video store to rent DVDs, I walked into a place to grab a movie and the guy behind the counter had a shirt on that said, "Jesus is my homeboy."

Jesus is a lot of things to us (Elder brother, High Priest, Lord, Savior, Friend that sticks closer than a brother, Judge, etc.) but I don't think one of them is "homeboy."

This week as I was reading through my Bible, I came across the story of when David longed to return the Ark of God back to Jerusalem after it had been taken by Israel's enemies the Philistines. No one had moved the Ark in quite some time and apparently the guys in charge of transporting it had become a little too familiar with this sacred box that housed the very presence of Almighty God. (2 Samuel 6)

All of this led up to a young guy named Uzzah loosing his life as he reached out to stabilize the Ark as it was about to fall off the cart being pulled along a bumpy road by some oxen. Uzzah apparently became too familiar with the sacred presence of God.

Protocol was broken and people started dying...wow! (Ex. 25:12-15, Num. 4:15) We see examples like this all throughout the Scriptures (Aaron's sons, Eli's boys, Samuel's kids, Ananias & Saphira to name a few). David learned something that day and did things differently the next time he attempted to bring the Ark back. Every six steps, priests would sacrifice oxen and fattened calves; every six steps on trek that was over six miles long from Obed-Edom to Jerusalem!!!

Today, we have access to the presence of God on a regular basis because of the blood that is so much more precious than that of bulls and sheep. The blood of Jesus was poured out to give us access into the very presence of God...we should never take this privilege lightly.

David shows us a beautiful thing as the Ark is finally being brought back into Jerusalem: reverential love is not religious, stuffy, rigid, timid, or reserved. He danced his pants off (literally) in the presence of God with joy, thanksgiving, AND reverential love. He was intimate with God, while maintaining a position and perspective of honor. Moses made it quite clear that it's the FEAR of God that keeps us from sinning (Ex. 20) and Jesus teaches us that if we LOVE Him, we will automatically keep His commands (John 15).

It is the love of God and the Fear of God that keep me on the narrow, radical path called discipleship. Walking in Reverential love is the goal.

Make it personal...

• In what ways have you grown flippant or too familiar with the Presence of God? • Which side of the narrow path to you more easily lean towards; the love of God or the fear of God?

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