intentional apprenticing.

Here's some more practical tips on apprenticing from the book exponential.

Jesus focused the last three years of His life on apprenticing 12 men.

11 of them revolutionized their worlds and set a Kingdom movement in motion that is still gaining exponential momentum today.

Here is an organic, yet intentional process Jesus walked them through.

Mark 3:13-15

Jesus went up on a mountainside and called to him those he wanted, and they came to him.
(Apprentice selection)

He appointed twelve that they might
(Apprentice selection)

be with him
and that
(Apprentice preparation)

he might send them out to preach

(Apprentice graduation)

15 and to have authority to drive out demons.
(Apprentice impartation)*

*last stage not referenced in book but one I felt was evident in Christ's ministry and necessary for our day.

Apprenticing relationships flourish when each of these aspects of discipleship are walked out: selection, preparation, graduation, and impartation.

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  • Have you ever apprenticed a new employee on the job?
  • Have you ever apprenticed anyone for a role of service in a nonprofit organization?
  • Which of these 4 stages have you found most challenging?