the 2:2:2 principle

Reading exponential by brothers Dave Ferguson & Jon Ferguson has been encouraging, scary, and challenging all at the same time.

As a Christ-follower I want to make Jesus' last command my first priority.

His last command was to make disciples.

To join Him in the process of seeing a person's life transformed by His love, nature, goodness, and Kingdom realities.

Granted, the Jesus does all the transforming, but He has chosen to make us His body (hands, feet, mouth) in the earth. That gives us both the privilege and responsibility to play a part in this life altering process called discipleship.

Paul Johannson, a great father in the faith to many in our Elim family once said...
"To teach, open your Bible. To preach, open your mouth. To disciple open your life."
So true.

The apostle Paul said to the Thessalonians that he had come to love them so much that he shared not only the good news of the Gospel with them but his very life as well.
(I Thessalonians 2:8)

That is not the easiest thing to do living as busy as we do in our culture, yet on the other hand it is pretty difficult to make disciples long distance.

Look at the Kingdom strategy Paul teaches Timothy, his son in the faith.

2 Timothy 2:2
And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable men who will also be qualified to teach others.

4 Generations impacted...
1. Paul
2. Timothy

3. "Reliable men"
4. "Others"

Join the conversation with your comment:
Who has God placed in your life to disciple? Apprentice?
Help take steps on their journey to truly know God and fulfill their divine destiny?