a home in our hearts

Colossians, Hebrews

Occasionally, I wish I had the time just to lie on my back and watch the clouds go by.

A few weeks ago, I was driving north to the city and having these cloud thoughts when I looked straight ahead and saw an amazing thing: my initial in the clouds! “J” was right there in the fluffiness – and then I glanced to the right and saw a “W” – my name was written in the clouds!

I pulled over and stopped so I could take a photo, but as you can see the clouds were already dissipating and my special “message” was being eroded away by the second.

In Colossians, we read that Jesus Christ, creator of everything in the Universe, actually holds it all together by His power.

Most people can identify with the hugeness of God, the awesomeness of His power throughout the universe. Yet, the same Lord who holds it all together is the One who touches our individual lives in such a personal way that we can respond to His love for the unlovely “me.” He writes His name into our hearts and lives.

We see in Hebrews 11 the long list of those who, by faith, heard Him speak guidance and followed all the way – even unto death. They are commended for acting on the word God spoke to their hearts. They are held up as models to encourage us to press forward to reach the goal that the Lord holds before each of our lives.

What a great God we serve! He not only provides for every need of the whole world, He knows the finest details about my life, and your life, and already has planned for our future needs to be supplied in a loving way!

There is nothing that escapes Him and there is nothing impossible for Him.
Can I trust Him in the everyday pressures I face? You bet! Will I follow wherever He leads me? Will I share my deepest thoughts and feelings freely with Him? I hope I can.

He is full of goodness and mercy and continually pours His grace and love into our lives – He does not force Himself, although He could, but seeks to walk with us in partnership, in loving relationship.

He seeks to find a home in our hearts.

Today's Blogger: Pastor Jerry Warsaw

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