aspirations for a minor role

Luke 24:1 – 24:53 ; Ephesians ; Philippians

Theater has been part of my life since I was young – even now I enjoy working with a local high school drama club in the Fall and Spring and love watching a show come together. When I was in 10th grade, I remember auditioning for a musical and knew from the start that I had little chance of a good part – in fact, when we ordered our cast T-shirts I had them print “Boy in the Background” on the back of mine, celebrating my anonymity. The end of Luke’s gospel reveals a minor role that I aspire to play and hope that the audition of my heart is satisfactory.

Simon of Cyrene – I am grateful for the sacrifice of Jesus and have become very aware that I don’t have to climb up on that cross. Our Father wants nothing more than for us to release our fleshly desire to suffer more in addition to the cross and simply accept Christ’s atoning sacrifice as complete. However – as one who tends to proceed with caution in many things I am struck with how near to Jesus’ sacrifice that Simon of Cyrene came. He didn’t end up nailed to it, but he carried the cross up the hill – he was close . . . close enough to smell blood . . . close enough to hear the labored breath.

He was from northern Africa, a father of 2 sons and little more is known of him – a minor role. Carrying the cross up to Golgotha I can only speculate what went through his mind, but as a father myself, I often look at people in the midst of trauma and consider that they too are someone’s child. It wasn’t the steps of this previously unknown man that redeemed us – but the blood-slicked footprints of our Redeemer and sandled steps of this “Boy in the Background” shared an identical path to the place of redemption. Simon walked close.

God help me not to distance myself from the crucifixion while still allowing You to pay the full price for me.

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