from Peter to Paul to the ends of the earth

Acts 16:1 - 28:31

Pack your bags. Get in! Start your engine. Shift gears! You are about to travel with Paul to the ends of Europe and through the end of his ministry and life. The first part of Acts was mostly about the transition from Jesus to the disciples; then specifically, Peter's story. The last half of Acts follows Paul on many journeys, dangers, toils and snares.

Enjoy the courtroom drama, the adventure on the high seas at the end, and imitate Paul's faith as you read, listen to the Holy Spirit, and obey. The great part about the end of Acts is that it never really ends. You could say that it is the most open ended book of the New Testament - Acts 29 and beyond is waiting to be written in your life and in the earth! Go ahead! Write your chapter with your life!

This is a good day to pray for missionaries you support or know of. Pray as the Spirit gives you words. Pray for their health and safety and for an open door for the word of God through their ministry. Amen.

Today's Blogger: Pastor Sean Steinke

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