learning to hear

Acts 5:1-15:41

Ahhh, the early church, this passage is full of stories of the wonders of the church in its formational stages.

Is it the model we should follow for the church today – full of love and unity, sharing communally, evangelistic, missions minded, expanding!?! Or is it merely the birth pangs of learning how to deal with a faith community?

The answer is Yes!

Let me explain. The early church was a beautiful model of all things wonderful but perhaps not like you would think. Some have made charts of each action the early did and then proceeded to make a how-to prototype for us to follow in hopes of the same dynamic results. But perhaps the “correct” method is not so much in how they did things but how they leaned on the Spirit’s guidance and grew in relationship with Him learning to hear His voice in each situation.

Have you noticed He seems to like to have His own way? He may do things differently and as He chooses. It’s a part of His sovereign nature.

Personally, I’d rather have a list of hoops to jump through, a how-to prototype to “get what I want” but He’s not like that. He wants relationship with us. He’s going to do things His way and the only way we can know that that way is to spend time with Him! He has a plan for each situation we are facing, each difficulty, each need, but we have to go to Him in faith and learn Him.

Enjoy learning to hear from Him today and every day!

This is the great adventure!

Today's Blogger: Cindy Scott

Tomorrow's Text: Acts 16:1-28:31