My TOP 5 Takeaways From "How To Build Your Vision From The Ground Up": An Interview w/Bishop T.D. Jakes & Steven Furtick

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The content of this event was KILLER!

Bishop T.D. Jakes is one of the greatest hope-dealers I’ve ever heard and Steven Furtick is easily one of my favorite communicators. Both are world-class leaders. 

The interview was to help promote T.D. Jakes newest book.

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I wasn’t event at the event. But that didn’t stop it from impacting my life.

I actually listened to it while working out at the gym. The content was so good that it interrupted every other set in my routine! I had to stop and take down some notes for myself and to share with you. 

Leadership Secret: Whenever you can get great content-whether live, recorded, downloaded or read…it is always worth the price of disrupting your normal routine for some new and inspirational revelation.

One of a leader’s top priorities and greatest responsibilities is to learn how to stay inspired.

No one can do it for you. This job can’t be delegated, it can only be self-managed.  

I know some of you already had the chance to hear or watch this interview but most of you did not. So here are a few leadership nuggets that Bishop Jakes handed out.

“Building Your Vision From the Ground Up”:

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#1 May The Real You Please Stand Up!

Identity leads to destiny.

Elijah may have been able to work a plow but that didn’t mean he was a farmer. He was living out his parents’ dream and vision for his life.

When he experienced the greater, he dropped the lesser.

God will give you the wisdom you need to burn your “plows” (restrictions) without burning “bridges” (relationships).

Elisha humbly prepared and honorably shared a meal with the very people he was walking away from to follow God's call. 

# 2 If You Don’t Devour In The Morning You Won’t Have Anything To Divide In the Evening!

By faith, Jacob (Israel) stood up to prophetically speak destiny and blessing over each of his sons and grandsons before breathing his last breath. What he speaks over his son Benjamin is easily passed over but so, so potent!  

Genesis 49:27 “Benjamin is a ravenous wolf,
    devouring his enemies in the morning
    and dividing his plunder in the evening.”

You have to devour in the early stages of your life and development or you won't have anything to divide in the latter part.

Devouring is about labor, dividing is about leaving an inheritance. 

We are to live this live by grace but mixed in with all of God's grace needs to be some roll-up-your-sleeves grit and hard work! Laziness and idleness are near the top of God's "I can't stand" list! 

Work is part of our worship.

Find out what gets your heart beating and passion pumping. Then work hard, pray, and hustle. Then you'll see what God enables you to devour on the front end and divide on the back end. 

#3 God Doesn’t Create Everything.

God gives you a vision and you need to work it.

God has never made a table. (Well maybe Jesus, the Son of God did:) 

He gave us trees. Man had to dream up and create furniture.

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God gave mankind seeds and commanded him to be fruitful.

He gave you and I SEEDS so that we can produce FRUIT!

What God gives you as an ability, idea or opportunity is His gift to you. What you do with that ability, idea or opportunity is your gift back to Him!

Stewardship teaches us that we are never stuck with what we start with.

Far too many of us are praying for things that God doesn’t do…He’s waiting for us to do them!

#4 The Goal Is Never To Be Famous, Only Effective.

The goal is to be effective, not famous.

Being famous is the fruit of being effective.

Being known comes from meeting needs.

Communicators’ Tip: Bishop Jakes shared a great truth for all us preachers and communicators out there: “You can’t just INSPIRE for Sunday, you have to INFORM for Monday. Otherwise people will come for a “high” and to hear “it’s going to be alright!” But you need to equip them to make things all right. People need wise application not just inspiring communication.   

#5 Don’t Despise Your Bicycle Shop!

Most people know that Orville and Wilbur Wright were the two American aviation pioneers who built the world’s first successful plane.

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What most people don’t remember is that before the first manned-flight happened on December 17, 1903 in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, these two brothers were busy building their plane in a bicycle shop! 

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Many times, God will have us working on things in private LONG before they can be unveiled in public.

In those hidden times, in your “back forty” seasons, don’t forget…

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The Wright Brothers moved their operation from Dayton Ohio to Kitty Hawk for two critical reasons:

#1 If they crashed they wanted to land in open fields and not into a bunch of trees!

#2 They needed a place that would provide better LIFT!

When you attempt to test out the wings of your vision, make sure you are surrounded by a safe place to land. Also, make sure that the surrounding atmosphere is conducive to lifting you higher!

Bishop Jakes talked about moving from West Virginia (his bike shop) to Dallas (his place to soar). Environment is critical to development.

Sometimes God will develop you in one place and display you in completely different place.                   –Joshua Finley

 If you don’t despise your bicycle shop…you will get your chance to soar!

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I hope this post gave you some inspiration to keep building your vision from the ground up.

You can watch whole interview, by grabbing it here.  

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