3 Things You Want to Know About The Real "Circle of Life."

Circle of Life For some people when they hear the  term the “Circle of Life” they automatically hear Elton John belting out the song from Disney’s 1994 animated film The Lion King.

That was a great movie and a phenomenal play on Broadway, but there is another circle of life. As a Christ follower I have to regularly remind my self that my life is not run on my own strength.

The Christian life is not difficult, it’s impossible.

Before you get angry, depressed or stop reading…take a breath and keep reading.

To live like Jesus, we have to tap into the same supernatural grace and power that He did.

Thankfully, Jesus introduced us to the third Person of the Trinity named Holy Spirit:) Because this profound relationship is available to us there can be a supernatural flow of vitality in every one of God’s sons and daughters.

The Holy Spirit taught us some keys to understanding how this flow works through the apostle Paul's words found in Romans 11:33-36.

Is there anyone around who can explain God?

Anyone smart enough to tell him what to do?

Anyone who has done him such a huge favor that God has to ask his advice?

Everything comes from him; Everything happens through him;
 Everything ends up in him.
 (the Message paraphrase)

#1 Everything flows FROM Him. Any strength, gift, wisdom, energy, grace or life that we experience flows from Jesus. Everything flows from His generosity.

#2 Everything flows THROUGH Him. The more I walk with Jesus the more I realize that my life is simply a conduit of His life flowing through me. Everything in the Kingdom of God must be received before ANY can be achieved! Everything that is done right in my life actually finds it’s source in His grace.

#3 Everything flow back TO Him. When it’s all said and done, when all the scales are calculated and when all the eternal rewards are given out, everyone will see that He is worth of it all! Everything will ultimately come back to Him with praise and glory.  

Some really smart, dead guys had some really great things to say about the real circle of life.

The great theologian Jonathan Edwards once said, “The chief goal of man is to glorify God and enjoy Him in the process.”

And Saint Irenaeus once said, “The glory of God is man fully alive!” 

Our lives are a product of His generosity, fueled by His grace and ultimately for His glory.  Everything flows from Him, through Him and back to Him.

That my friends is the real Circle of Life! And what's even better is that it is available to us right now.

This song (Worthy of it All by David Brymer) has been in my spirit for the past three months and gives a vivid picture of how heaven continually acknowledges this powerful circle of life.   

Take some time today to ask the Holy Spirit to remind you of where your source of life comes from and where everything will ultimately flow back to.

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