An Equation for Innovation

Talking with a close friend recently the thought occurred to me...there actually is an equation to innovation.  

My friend had just come back from a scientific research conference.

This gathering was made up of some of the brightest scientists from all over the globe who want to cross pollinate their findings with each other.  I can't even spell his area of expertise, he's that smart!

On the surface you may say, "That's great, so what."  But when you step back to think about what they are actually trying to accomplish it will cause Kingdom minded people to sit up and take notice.

Besides money, hours of hard work, laboratories, bright minds, etc.  Innovation requires two things: generosity and humility.

Innovation requires generosity because I have to be willing to share with you my findings, research, experiences, anointing, knowledge, etc.  Generosity serves as a catalyst, building block, and key ingredient to creativity.

Humility must also enter the equation because I have to honor you and what you carry otherwise I will not value what you are offering me.  WOW. Creativity flourishes in an environment of honor.

generosity + humility= innovative creativity If we could grab ahold of these truths it would help churches, businesses, and families go further, faster. 

In nature, we see that cross-pollination brings fruit.  

Apparently God wanted to get the message across to us that cross-pollination feeds fruitful innovation.