Embracing My Echo

Today it is easy to become focused on finding and maximizing your "platform."

Platform, is the level of influence a person gains through their integrity, reputation, career, relationships, products, social media, twitter followers, etc.

Going hand in hand with the desire to establish your platform is the call to "find your voice."  Your voice is the message you have that can add to the global "conversation."

Maximizing your platform, finding your voice, and adding to the conversation are all buzz phrases in our culture.  Each of these have their place and should be utilized by Kingdom influencers.  After all, John the Baptist's life and ministry was summed up as being was known for being "a voice."

Yet, the interesting thing we see in the life of Jesus is His whole life was focused not on building His platform, finding His Voice, or adding to the conversation.

Jesus leveraged His whole life around His Father's voice.   Jesus lived His life to embrace His echo. “My message is not my own; it comes from God who sent me." John 7:16 NLT 

I'm not suggesting losing your creativity or just parroting someone else's passions, but if it worked for Jesus it is definitely worth investigating.

Embrace your echo..say what the Father is saying and you will definitely have a voice worth adding to the global conversation.

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