New way of thinking

I was in a hotel room in Pennsylvania with several men of God when one of them spoke something that readjusted my thinking forever. You see, I have a natural tendency to strive to work hard to be a man of God, a good husband, and a good father; so when this phrase was spoken it literally took me a moment to get it. Leif Hetlund said, "There is something in the nothing." Leif was saying that we all long to see the fruit of what we do, but there are times when we have to trust that God is doing a work even when we can't feel it, hear it, smell it or see it quite yet.

It's the principal of seed + time = harvest. We wish that every time we open the Bible that things would jump out at us, but in reality we may read a verse a hundred times and the first time may have been the planting of the seed and finally it was time to gather the harvest. Did you waste your time reading it the other 99 times, no? We wish every time we sit before God He would take out the things in our lives that are hindering us or that He would speak so clear to us, did you waste your time if it doesn't happen? No! There is something in the nothing. Something is happening even though we feel nothing is happening.

A farmer plants a seed and sees nothing happen for days and at times weeks but something is happening below the surface.  My challenge for us today is don't get frustrated that there has not been a harvest on the seeds of prayer, reading your word, evangelism but trust the the God of the Harvest is not mocked you will reap what you sow and harvest time is coming. (Gal 6:7-10)

- This blog was written by Pastor Seth Goodson for the Radical Series. Seth is the Youth Pastor at Elim Gospel Church. 
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