You Can't Slide Into Home From 2nd Base!

Throughout this Radical Series, I can begin to sense a shift in our church atmosphere. It's not a comfortable atmosphere, but it is a God-inspired atmosphere that seems to be asking us the question, "What is the Father asking you to invest in?" This question causes us to become alert to Him and to also realize we are not close to home plate yet. Let me explain what I mean.

Church history gives us many indications that the days we are now living in are crucial days with watershed moments seemingly occurring on a daily basis. However, using a baseball analogy, we have really only turned around 2nd base and we're headed for third base with Father God cheering us on from home plate - empowering us forward. Unfortunately, my sense is that many of us are already sliding into home plate, but you can't slide into home plate from 2nd base! Let me share a Biblical example.

Please take a moment and read Joshua 7:1-26. This chapter from Israel's history recounts how Israel was beaten in war by the city of Ai after God had promised that Israel would prosper under Joshua wherever he set his foot in the promised land (Joshua 1:7). After Israel is defeated by Ai Joshua falls on his face, tears his clothes and complains to God, "Oh, that we had been content, and dwelt on the other side of the Jordan!" This was the equivalent of saying, "Haven't we done enough God? Can't this just be over?" In a sense Joshua wanted to slide into home from 2nd base, but God had only just begun with Joshua. In fact, a couple chapters later we see a tally of all the kings God empowered Joshua to defeat - 31 of them! So, when God finds Joshua on his face complaining, He has a simple directive and a question, "Get up! Why do you lie thus on your face?" God then explains that someone in Israel's army sinned against Him by taking valuables that God commanded to be set aside to Him. This was the reason for their defeat at the hands of Ai. Once this was dealt with Joshua’s conquests continued.

What about you? What about me? Are we just trying to slide into heaven from 2nd base? Let's listen to the Father and get up and get on with investing our lives into Kingdom activity. It's not time to slide. It will be one day, but not today.

- This blog was written by Eric Scott as a part of the Radical Series. Eric is the Care Pastor at Elim Gospel Church.

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