A few months ago a good friend gave me a special "tactical bracelet." He made it himself, put time and energy into it, and then gave it to me as a gift. Whenever I am around him he always asks me where it is, and why I'm not wearing it. The way he asks about it all the time, it's really more of a "friendship bracelet." Often I just forget (being a guy in my mid twenties), and remembering to wear my friendship bracelet is not usually the first thing on my mind. Yet he keeps asking, and I keep forgetting. The bracelet is really a sign of our relationship, almost like wedding rings for husband and wife, only this is totally cool and macho.

We don't often think about it, but God has also given us a sign of our relationship with Him. Ephesians 1 says that we have been given the Holy Spirit as a mark, a seal and special identification that shows we are in Christ. The Holy Spirit is what empowers us to live as a child of God. While we don't need to remember to put Him on every morning like a friendship bracelet, often we forget that He is in us and that He is empowering us to live a supernatural life.

Is God asking you where your seal is, where your mark is? Like my friend asks me about my bracelet? Can the people around you tell that you are in a special, growing relationship with God because the mark of the Holy Spirit in you?

Are you remembering to wear your friendship bracelet?

- This blog was written by Andrew Danglis as part of the Radical Series. Andrew is on staff at Elim Gospel Church as a creative visual artist and designer.
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