Excess or Absence

Just the word “Radical” brings up all kinds of imagery and ideas like “overboard”, “outrageous” or “off the deep end”. So what is this series really all about?

All too often, when people hear something like the word radical in reference to Christianity, they get nervous. Thoughts come pouring in like a flood with extremes like people with signs on the street yelling at others or requests to give away ALL your money or possessions or time if you really are a believer. It’s easy to just shake your head and dismiss such behavior as unattractive to others and unrealistic as a lifestyle.

While these excesses are certainly negative, how many of us disregard real and meaningful inklings from the Holy Spirit by making excuses that our culture has introduced into our thinking? Maybe God doesn’t necessarily want us to yell at others on the street, but he does want us to actually talk to our neighbors or co-workers about Him and not just “be friendly.” What if He isn’t really asking us to give away all our money, possessions or time, but He does want us to carefully consider what we do have as His and chose to live on a faith adventure with Him. Perhaps instead of having such fear of being too extreme and dismissing any “radical” ideas as ridiculous, we should stop and actually consider them. What if an absence of devotion should be more of concern than an excess?

Just saying… maybe we should think this through.

- This Guest Blog was written by Cindy Scott, the Care and Community Life Director. Cindy is also the founder of Bridges to What Could Be, a life-coaching ministry based in the Rochester area.