What season is it?

It was a "warm" day in the upper 30s and my son Judah says, "Dad I think winter is almost over."

It was the last week of Dec...the winter season was less than 2 weeks old!

Life cycles and seasons are hard concepts for us to grasp.

As a leader
I always want our growth charts to only go up and to the right, no dips in progress...
As a parent I want my children to stay put at the cute age they are right now...most days:)
As a man I'd like to stay in perfect health and keep all of my hair forever...

The truth is that life is lived and will always be lived in seasons.
God made this promise very clear in Scripture.
"For everything there is a season..." Ecclesiastes 3:1

God is pretty committed to this idea of seasons.
"As long as the earth remains there will be sowing and reaping, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night." Genesis 8:22

Some of the different seasons we can clearly see in Scripture: (easily seen in the journey of the people of Israel)
1. advancing (conquering new territory)
2. celebrating
3. resting
4. pruning

What season are you in?
What "gold" does God have for you in THIS season? So many times I'm tempted to dream about the next season. To plan right past my current placement. That can often prolong the season we are in, or even worse, ensure that we don't finish that season well!

Then God in His infinite love will allow us to visit that season again (real soon) to learn the lesson He was previously trying to teach us!

Identify your current season. Once you have, extract all the joy, wisdom, and "gold" out of it you can... because I can gaurantee you that a new season is just around the corner.

Join the conversation with your comment:

What "gold" has God taught you in THIS season?
Are you more of a "here and now" or "there and then" person?
Which tests have you had to repeatedly take before passing?