the main point.

Today is a grace day and so that means I get to choose what I want to write about. I hope it is ok that I am choosing to write about Revelation. So here we go!

I am not sure, but I'd be willing to bet that this particular book is one of the most studied, most talked about, and most "argued over " books in the New Testament! Lets face it, it's just so irresistable. It's full of dragons, harlets, bowls of wrath, hybrid beasts, predictions, warnings, angels, demons... And let's not forget...those haunting horses who's riders bring with them impending death and destruction!! Phew!

For the most part, many people think of this book as a book about the future. They would be right because it contains many future elements, but what the reader needs to know and remember is that this book a "beginning to end" book. Really, the book is a symbolic synopsis of the entire history of the heavens and the earth, and also it's future. Pretty cool, if you ask me!

It explains the fall of Satan, and reveals to us his evil plots and plans. It recounts and foretells to us the struggles and plight of man, but let us keep the main point of this book THE MAIN POINT! In a world enveloped by suffering, evil and darkness, most importantly, it reveals to us FROM whom and BY whom our SALVATION COMES!! ... BEHOLD THE LAMB!!... BEHOLD THE RIDER who is KING OF KINGS and LORD OF LORDS!!

I am not a bible scholar, but it seems evident to me that there are two main climax's in this book. The first is in chapter five when Jesus is revealed as the Lamb (Savior). At this time we see that all authority has been given to Him for the salvation of mankind. The second climax is in chapter nineteen when Jesus is revealed as the King (Lord). At this time it is revealed that all authority has been given to Him to rule and reign eternally. So then, the two main climax's are centered around ONE main purpose! Revealing Jesus!

Whatever our theories are about the "End Times" or what has been revealed in this book, I think it is important to remember the point!... Jesus revealed.

Our Savior!.. Our Lord!.. And our COMING KING!

So be encouraged! You don't have to understand everything in this book in order to reap the INTENDED benefit of this book! The world is a dark and scary place, and our enemy (the devil) has a very sinister plan... But our Savior and Lord has overcome our enemy, and He has overcome the world!! Set your eyes on Him, hold fast to your faith, and then we too shall OVERCOME!!

Then... HALLELUJAH! We will join with eternity and worship the KING!!

Can I get a??.. AMEN!

Guest Blogger: Anna Finley