we get to spend eternity with Him!

Rev. 1:1-11:19

Today we start reading the last book of the New Testament.

The apostle John wrote this book while he was exiled to an island because of his Christian beliefs. God gave him this Revelation of Jesus' return to earth. The message was originally sent to 7 churches in the area the Romans called Asia. The present country of Turkey is the location of these cities today.

The reading we are doing at this time is to survey the broad picture of this book. Don’t become frustrated in trying to sort out all the details at this point. You have the rest of your life to study. For now try to see the big picture. Here are a few thoughts that may help.

In the first 3 chapters God encourages and challenges the churches to evaluate their current relationship with Him. Are they faithful or are they drifting away? Take a few minutes to ask this question of yourself as you read through the book.

Remember this is a Revelation (singular) of the 2nd coming of Jesus. Note the certainty of the fact that what He promised He will do. Live in light of this truth.

There in fact have always been tribulations and trials living in a sinful world and they may intensify towards the end. However, tribulation is only for a time and when He comes He will make all things right.

If some of the descriptions of these judgments frighten you, remember you have been saved by the blood of Jesus and you do not have to face the wrath of God’s judgments unless you reject His Son. In the end we know He wins and we get to spend eternity with Him. What a joyful message!

Today's Blogger: Rev. Barry Kwallek

Tomorrow's Text: Rev. 12:1-22:21