don’t you love a good deal?

I’m a big fan of Yes, I’ve had some crazy experiences (, but some of the finds are unbelievable.

I remember wanting an iPod Touch so badly. But for $399 + tax brand new, it wasn’t going to happen. So I started scanning Craigslist. Every day, sometimes even a couple times a day. But the deals weren’t that great.

Then one day, I came across a newly listed brand new iPod Touch. The price? Only $200! Apparently, the seller had been given it after already owning one and just wanted to get rid of it.

When I saw how good a deal it was, I pounced on it. I called the seller up. I jumped in my car, cancelled my other plans, and drove (safely and within the speed limit, of course) to Tim Horton’s to pick it up. And I’m still excited about that deal today. You see, when you come across an AMAZING opportunity, you don’t put it off, you don’t hold back, and you don’t look back.

I think that’s the kind of idea Jesus is trying to convey in Matthew 13:45-46. When you find Christ and understand the love and freedom that comes from being part of His kingdom, surrendering your life to God no longer becomes about giving up your position as top dog in your life. You realize, “I just found the greatest deal ever! I will give up whatever it takes … and I’ll still come out a winner!”

Sometimes, if we’ve been following Christ for a while, we forget just how lucky we are to have a Savior who paid all penalties on our behalf. While we were still sinners, Christ died for us! What a deal!

My closing thought for you today is this: what have you been putting off selling? Is there a bad habit or stubborn area you’ve been holding on to instead of getting rid of it for the sake of Christ? Remember, gaining a relationship with Christ is worth giving up everything. Because like Jesus said, “Whoever loses his life for me will find it” (Matthew 16:25).

Today's Blogger: Todd Cavanaugh

Tomorrow's text: Matt. 24:1-28:20; Acts 1:1-4:37