the attitude of gratitude.

Gratitude is the ability to experience life as a gift. It liberates us from the prison of self-preoccupation. -John Ortberg

James Dobson wrote a very moving book called Final Rounds, about the final months of his father's life. They were both avid golfers, and when his father had been diagnosed with a terminal illness, James took him to Scotland so they could play golf together at some of the world's most celebrated courses. At one point, James's dad asked him about his marriage and family. James's answer was evasive; he was so consumed by his work that there was little time left over.

These were the words of a dying father to his son:
"I wish I could slow you both down....The danger of great ambition is that you'll work so hard, you may someday wake up and find that the things you really wanted were the things you had all along."

(excerpt from p. 151 When the Game is Over it all Goes Back in the Box by John Ortberg..great book.)