unwanted teachers.

Trials (process) are the unwanted teachers in our lives.

Nobody likes trials. Process is never easy, yet no one will grow to their full potential without walking through many of these "teaching sessions."

I've heard it said that aging and trials or non negotiable but maturity is optional.

Even the Son of God had to learn from the things He suffered. (Hebrews 5:8)

Choosing to be absent or try and refuse to show up for class doesn't really work because this kind of schooling comes right to where we live. My thought is that if we have to spend time with these unwanted teachers, we might as well get as much as possible out of each tutoring session.

Here are a few lessons we can learn from specific trials each person will have to walk through in their lifetime:

"We learn in process that the purpose of problems is to produce faith.

-The aim in allowing demonic opposition is to develop power and authority.
-The intention behind human opposition is that God will teach us grace.
-Tribulation is designed to produce patience and endurance.
-The objective behind conflict is to increase God's love in our hearts and bring us to full maturity in His nature.
-When God allows temptation (that doesn't mean He causes it-He cannot tempt) He seeks for us to be advanced in righteousness.
-When our resources come under attack, He teaches us to give so that all our needs can be supplied in Christ.

Process is where we discover God to be all that He ever said and all we will ever need."
(quoted from Qualities of a Spiritual Warrior by Graham Cooke)

As you walk through your next trial or find yourself in process, just remember God is able to make all things work together for your good. (Romans 8:28)

My next post will be a song that I've been listening to for the past year that speaks right into this issue.