twinkle, twinkle, little star.

Talking about "pda's" in church this weekend (not the technical devices but public displays of affection) got me thinking about something...

Many times we feel so intimidated to openly show our affection for Jesus in public places.

It shows up in various forms...sometimes we are way too self conscious as we join in corporate worship settings, shrink back from sharing our faith with a friend or coworker, hesitantly prayer over a meal in public, rarely invite people to come to church with us, etc.

As I was thinking about this whole area of our lives I remembered a time when I didn't care who was watching or in this case listening as I showed a pda in an airport in Tacoma, WA. I was flying from Seattle to Vancouver to speak at a missions conference when I decided to call home to say good night to Anna and the boys.

Judah loved singing "Twinkle twinkle little star" before falling asleep. It was very clear what I needed to do. Even though I was standing next to a line of Starbucks customers and it was the middle of the afternoon West Coast time, I busted out with a rather loud rendition of the song over my cell phone. My son loved it, we hugged and kissed good nite through the phone and said goodbye. It felt good letting him know how much I missed and loved him.

Poor vocals skills + rather high volume+ odd looks from perfect strangers= a pda worth expressing! it was all worth it!

It felt good not letting my outward environment stifle the free expression of my inward love and devotion.

That example may seem so simple but It can be so easy to hold private the areas of our lives that are really the most important for fear of what other people might think.

More and more I just want to live for the audience of One.

So this week, let the pda's to God fly...and if you still need some coaching on "How to give the perfect man to man hug" check out this video!