changing your environment.

Here's an excerpt from a book I've been reading that really challenged me today...

I've been inspired by a group of early-twentieth-century missionaries who became known as
"one-way missionaries" because they packed all their earthly belongings into coffins and purchased one-way tickets when they departed for the mission field.

They knew they'd never return home.

The story is told of one such missionary named A.W. Milne who felt called to a tribe of headhunters in the New Hebribes. All the other missionaries to this tribe had been martyred, but that didn't keep Milne from chasing the Wild Goose (Celtic name for the Holy Spirit). He lived among the tribe for thirty-five years and never returned home.

When the tribe buried him, they wrote the following epitaph on his tombstone:

"When he came there was no light. When he left there was no darkness."

(p.149 The Wild Goose Chase by Mark Batterson)

"..the Kingdom of God is within you." -Jesus

Every Christ-follower is a carrier of His Kingdom. Each of us have been called and equipped to live a life that releases this Heavenly Kingdom- seeing environments change from dark to light, sickness to health, poverty to abundance, depression to joy, and death to life.

The normal Christian life is to be anything but "normal".