dancing in the wrong end zone.

In 1963, in a game between the Minnesota Vikings and the San Francisco 49ers. Bill Kilmer was the 49er quarterback and he fumbled while being sacked in the backfield.

Jim Marshall, Viking defensive end, picked up the ball and ran about 70 yards the wrong way into his own end zone for a safety against his team.

After Marshall threw the ball towards the stands in elation after 'scoring' the safety, not realizing what he had done, 49er offensive tackle Bruce Bosley ran up to him and patted him on the shoulder as if to say, sarcastically, 'Great play, Jim!'. (ask.com)

None of us ever want to find ourselves dancing in the wrong end zone.

It is so easy to major on the minors...to passionately and fervently climb up a ladder only reach the top and find that it's up against the wrong wall.

The enemy would love for us to give in to distractions...music styles, volume levels, preaching styles, busy schedules, building sizes, carpet colors, the opinions of man over the approval of God, etc.

"Our greatest fear as individuals and as a church should not be of failure but of succeeding at things in life that don't really matter."
-Tim Kizziar

The Christian life boils down to experiencing God's crazy, radical, life-changing love and giving it away the world around us...one person at a time. That needs to become the filter through which we view our Christianity and Kingdom contribution.

May God give us the grace to major on the majors and minor on the minors.