Spiritual Warfare: Strength to sit

In battle scenerios no one wants to be caught off guard, unprepared, or blind-sided like a "sitting duck." And the words of a long term army general "The more we sweat in peace time, the less we bleed in war," are very true. Preparation and action are very necessary to win wars.

Nevertheless, often the greatest act of courage and wisdom during times of spiritual warfare is to simply sit.

Jesus quoted Psalm 110:1 to a group of Pharisees to emphasize His identity as the Son of God. It's interesting that the Psalm says:

"The Lord said to my Lord, Sit at my right hand until I put your enemies under your feet."

Sitting at the right hand of the Father, enjoying intimacy with our Dad and becoming increasingly confident in our royal identity, can accomplish far more in our battles than running off to impulsively fight in our own strength.

At times when we find the heat is all on, it is easy to find our actions fueled by anxiety rather than faith.

Maybe the greatest strategy for spiritual warfare is to simply sit at God's right hand while He makes our enemies a footstool for us?