Every Christian is pretty well aware that they never want to be considered a hypocrite by a closely watching world.

The only problem is that many of us have been duped into thinking hypocrisy is something that is really isn't. Many times we believe the enemy's lies when he calls us a hypocrite for worshiping in church when we don't feel like it or sharing our faith inspite of being fearful or not feeling this supernatural down load of love for the person we are sharing Jesus with.

Hypocrisy is NOT when a person's actions are inconsistent with their feelings but when a person's actions are inconsistent with their convictions.

Beliefs are things people argue over...convictions are what people are willing to die for. It is more important for me to get my actions tied to my convictions and let the feelings follow...

Side note: It's vital for each of us to stay teachable and live as lifetime learners. A wise man once said, "Every person I meet is superior to me in some way." Every person we meet has the ability to teach us something. This provoking thought on hypocrisy was passed onto me by a son in the faith...who happens to be 17.

What kind of wisdom and revelation is hidden inside the people that surround you everyday??