the qualities of a warrior

"Warriors do not react to their circumstances, they respond to God. They see everything as an opportunity to learn, grow, advance and increase faith. They have taken their own internal territory.

They do not avoid tough situations; they are not looking for rescue. They are developing a revelation of God so profound, it governs every facet of their lives.

Warriors know that Jesus reigns and everything leads to majesty. That means that every situation is not theirs to win; but theirs to lose.

Graham Cooke examines the qualities of people who fight from victory not towards it. He explores the attributes required for involvement with God at a high level of warfare. Warriors cannot be intimidated by the enemy, because they are too busy being fascinated by Jesus.

There is a place in the Spirit set aside for us where we make the enemy confused. We weary him by our rest. We discourage him by our faith. We demoralize him with our joy. We depress him by our endurance. He is dispirited by our favor; defeated by our grace. Warriors win by staying fresher, longer."

Graham Cooke is a prophet whose writing provokes me towards greater trust in God.The above is only an excerpt from the back cover! I just ordered a copy of this book and can't wait to begin devouring it's content.